Blarney Pilgrims - Good oul’ Swirish Music!

We have played Irish traditional music since the early 70' s. The band has always been based in Sweden and was started by Kurre Wallbom from Stockholm and Ronnie Carlyon from Dublin.

We sing the songs. We play jigs, reels, hornpipes and airs on fiddle, banjo, mandola, guitar,.

We try, in our own way, to take our version of Irish music a little step further, adding a mixture of Swedish traditional tunes, later day Irish, the occasional Springsteen and U2 song and even some bluegrass.

In short- Swirish!

At times other musicians and friends, young and old, sit in for a session or a gig...

Different former members of the band have made great contributions over the years. Many thanks to:

Chris Åberg

Niklas Ejnar

Markus Skagerberg


Still the veterans below remain...


Kurre Wallbom                           guitar and lead song

Scotty Tengelin                         banjo, guitar and song

Günter Görres                           fiddle and song

and recently:

Henrik Brifors                          mandolin, mandola,banjo


Blarney Pilgrims - Good ol’ Swirish Music!
Wall painting in Galway
Photo Rolf Hansson